Articles & Videos

In this section we will read some articles (or watch some interesting videos), and then we will answer some questions about them.

1. Article & Video: Top programming languages (Sept 19th 2017)

In this session we are going to have an overview of which programming languages are the most used and/or recommended to learn about them. First of all, let's read an article published by Redmonk, a web site specialized in the analysis of the different development technologies. It talks about the most popular languages regarding last year.

Read the article

Once you read the article, try to answer the following questions:

  1. How many of the languages shown in the article do you know?
  2. Are you missing any language in the list?
  3. Which ones would you choose as the most important or relevant?

Now, let's watch a video where a professional developer tells us his opinion about the languages that may be interesting to learn for this year.

Watch the video

Try to compare the language list shown in this video with the list seen in previous article.

  1. How many of the languages shown in the video do you know?
  2. Are you missing any language from the article in this video? Which one(s)?

And... how about next year?

Here you can find the same report and video regarding 2017 and 2018, respectively. Have a look at them and compare the old rankings with the new ones:

Read the article

Watch the video

Practising with these languages

Pick up a piece of paper or a blank document and gather some information about how to write a program to print "Hello" in the screen with the following programming languages:

Once you complete this research, compare your results with some of your classmates, and pay attention to the similarities and differences among these languages. You can try your results in this online IDE

2. Article: How can video games be good for you? (Sept 20th 2017)

Read the following article that explains how video games can be good for us in many different ways (the article is extracted from Huffington Post).

Read the article

Once you read the article, discuss in class or write in a document some lines about the final questions at the end of the article.