Programming challenges

In this page we will learn how to solve a set of programming challenges that will improve your skills as programmers. To do this, we are going to focus on two different programming languages that are not C#. One of them is C++, and the other one is Java. As you get more experience, you will learn when to use each language, since each one is better than the other for specific challenge types.

Programming languages for the challenges

To solve most of the challenges, we are going to use either C++ or Java. We will learn C++ along the 1st trimester, and Java during the 2nd trimester.



Coming (not so) soon ;-)

Challenge summary (1st trimester)

These are the challenges that you are asked to complete during the 1st trimester (using C++)

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  1. El día de Navidad
  2. Los problemas de ser rico
  3. Sobre la tela de una araña
  4. Tirando bolos
  5. La pieza perdida
  6. Matrices triangulares

Programming contests (tests)

Test #1

Oct 24th 2017

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Challenge #1 Perímetro de un rectángulo
Challenge #2 Zapping
Challenge #3 Postes para un cercado
Challenge #4 Artrópodos
Challenge #5 En campos de fútbol
Challenge #6 Claras y oscuras