Other contents

In this section we will cover some additional aspects regarding Programming, apart from articles, videos, and game programming. In the sections below you can find these other aspects that we will cover along this module.

Writing clean code

In these documents we will see an overview of how code must be written, according to many experts and programming guides, in terms of variable or element names, documentation, spacing, testing and other concepts.

Most of the rules that you will find in this document can be found in other sources, such as the book Clean Code, a handbook of agile software craftmanship, written by Robert C. Martin, or web pages such as this one or this one.

Display sessions
0. Introduction
Oct 11th 2017
1. Variable names and comments
Oct 18th 2017
Other programming languages

In this section we will learn some other programming languages that might be interesting and/or amazing, but they are not essential in your professional career. We will just have a look at them to have a good time :-)

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Oct 18th 2017